Some examples of the type of finned tube heat exchangers we have supplied

Fin/Fan coolers for the Petro-Chemical Industry
Air Heaters
Air Coolers
Finned tube Banks for Timber Driers
Economizer for Gas fired Boilers
Air Cooled Condensers
Process Fluid Heaters and Coolers
Gas Heaters and Coolers
Fin tube from various materials

New to New Zealand

State-Of-The-Art Technology in Heat Exchange Manufacture.

With the unreliability of overseas supply of high quality finned tube Advance Boiler Services (NZ) Ltd became the only company in NZ finning tube for the manufacture of heat exchangers.

ABS wanted to provide NZ with the same resources available overseas not only with finned tube manufacture, but with a state of the art tool to design, draw, produce technical reports and calculations methods for heat exchangers and make all this available to clients within minutes instead of days.

This accuracy had to enable the production of technical reports with information in heat transfer and fluid flow.  Technical reports describing calculation methods, research date, and/or literature reviews had to be available.  The reports had to document and support the methods used.  Using the latest software available, ABS has brought to NZ the technology to produce electronic documentation summarising the calculation methods, provide design recommendations, and offer practical design tips including basic methods for single-phase pressure drop and heat transfer, condensation, boiling, two-phase flow, fouling, flow-induced vibration, and design guidelines for shell-and-tube, air-cooled and non-tubular exchangers.

They have at their fingertips the latest research-based thermal design recommendations for all types of heat exchangers.