In September of 2000 after the business that Kevin Malpas and Chris Bunning had previously worked for closed down, the two chose to start Advance Boiler Services (NZ) Ltd. They were able to support their previous clients due to a gap in the market and to this day appreciate the support of those clients.

They became agents for Kablitz grates at this time to support the local requirement for this product.

In 2003 the choice was made to invest in a McEllroy fin tube machine to allow the business to manufacture fin tube heat exchangers. One of their first major clients was a dairy company in the South Island for who they supplied an air heater for a milk drying plant. Since then they have manufactured boiler economisers, oil heaters & coolers, kiln drying heat exchangers and various other air heaters and condensors.

In 2008 they became the agents for MechMar boilers from Malaysia and Oilon burners from Finland and have been supplying both throughout the Pacific.

In seeing the importance of renewable energy and utilising waste heat, in 2016 they became the agents for Kaishan ORC and can now supply Organic Rankine Cycle power plants either operating with geothermal, waste heat, or simply as a reducing station in a steam plant.


The business maintains its ISO 9001 certification, for which they continue to carry out boiler quarterly inspections on unattended and limited attendance boilers as well as supplying boiler control systems for these types of boilers.
The business has grown and now services businesses throughout the Pacific, from heat exchangers to boilers and service repair work.


Company Values

"It is our intention to provide engineering solutions to ensure constant heat supply for our clients".

"We want to provide energy systems to our client that will allow them to produce their own products with confidence that the energy source is reliable".

Mission & Vision

To establish and work to processes which ensure that we understand our customer's needs and that we produce, deliver and support our products and services to satisfy those needs better than our competitors.

To ensure that products we supply are of a quality equal to or better than that being previously supplied.

To satisfy our customers and become their first choice through honesty, trust, reliability and good communication.

We must endeavour to meet commitments every time and on time. With good communication and understanding of our customers needs we will provide solutions that fulfil all of their needs.

We must handle, store, pack and transport material so as to avoid any risk of damage.

Inspection and testing are essential parts of making sure that the product and service meets the customer's requirements.