Comments From Satisfied Clients

  • Working tirelessly throughout the Easter weekend to ensure the CDK pipe connections were in place, your commitment was remarkable.

    Your pinpoint accuracy in ensuring the CDK piping connections met our standards was commendable.

    Working tirelessly throughout the night to ensure the new circulation pump changeover was a success demonstrated your dedication to the project's smooth operation.
    Claymark - Thames
  • Your men did a great job as always during the shut so please pass on our thanks again.Claymark - Te Kuiti
  • The air heaters are installed and fitted well. The workmanship was excellent.Oji Fibre Solutions
  • Thanks for all the good work that you and your team have done for us through 2021.AHS Construction Ltd
  • We have received one of the best QA paperwork for the Fin Fan Heat ExchangerTechnip (Shell Todd)
  • I would like to say thanks to you Kevin and your team of professionals, it's been great dealing with you all.

    I can't speak highly enough of you all and the great attitude you have towards your work thanks once again
    Claymark - Thames
  • The installation work done inside the boiler house is very remarkableStork NZ - Waikato
  • The entire changeover of boilers was well managed and we here at Taura are very happy with the work done and the general performance of you and your company. The guys you have had on site were of very high calibre and were a pleasure to work with.Taura Natural Ingredients - Tauranga
  • Just wanted to say that your boys you have had involved with the work on site over the past few weeks has been a pleasure. All site rules followed, always in contact and have made the deadlines of the Fridays. They ran into problems today but were quick to sort it out and work on
    This gets a big monkey off my back, You run a good ship. Thank you.
    Ecoply - Tokoroa
  • Good morning gents – Thank you for all your teams’ efforts and commitment to getting us going on time – really appreciate! Thank you.Wallace Proteins - Waitoa

Today Advance Boiler Services (NZ) Ltd finds that not only must you supply a service but you need also be able to solve a problem.


  • Supplying a new boiler
  • Refurbishment of a boiler
  • Automation of a boiler management system
  • Annual survey and quarterly inspections
  • Supplying an efficient burner
  • Combustion tuning
  • Supplying a hire boiler
  • Supplying a lease boiler
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A modern service provider needs to be able to understand the environment they work in, looking for solutions to improve their clients business.
- O₂ and CO control of new burner systems
- Monitoring systems for boilers to improve efficiency
- Biomass boilers as an alternative to fossil fuel operated boilers
- Replacement or supply of heat exchangers to improve efficiencies

Disruptive technology means innovative thinking. Advance Boiler Services has concluded that saving energy or producing energy from waste heat for our clients a major innovation. The introduction of Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) plants throughout the world has helped many businesses reduce their energy cost and also have a marked difference on their carbon foot print.
- Organic Rankine Cycle technology